Why are Australian Banks so profitable? With Matthew Johnson | Nucleus Investment Insights

In today's investment webinar Nucleus Wealth's Head of Investments Damien Klassen, and Senior FInancial Advisor Mark Monteiro are joined by Matthew Johnson, the Principal of Signal Macro to discuss our thoughts on why Australian Banks are so profitable compared to International Banks.

You can find Matt's writing at http://signalmacro.com/

00:00 Introduction and background on Matt
03:20 Bank funding & CLF
09:30 Why are Australian banks so profitable?
18:10 Are these changes a signal that govt will stop pushing house prices?
24:50 New Zealand housing market
29:30 Will Aus follow suit and raise rates?
35:10 Wage growth
36:50 USD vs AUD
41:05 Worst case scenarios for the big 4?
45:15 TFF
46:20 Bond rates
48:00 The RBA following other global banks
52:45 Macro look at US economy
55:55 Europe and their ties to China
57:20 Where you can find Matt

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