Why 79% of Americans Think Things Are Out of Control

(11/1/22) The Roberts' Halloween Recap; What is the Fed watching for: Inflation and Employment (and their rates of change); the velocity of money is slowing; CEO Confidence is falling; No Powerball Winner; winners usually lose; Markets commentary: Use any rally to raise cash ahead of repricing of earnings; things change: What is the "Cure de Jour" the Fed will use next? Why doesn't the Fed make changes in anticipation of problems to come? 79% of Americans think everything is out of control; people vote with their pocketbook but cannot explain why. economics is not about math; it's about psychology & consumers. Whomever is in office gets the blame. In November, managers want to get assets on the books; BP earnings showing huge profits, thanks to high energy prices. If there are taxes on windfall profits, why aren't there credits for "windfall" losses? Even ESG's require petroleum; the problem of draining the SPR and filling w more expensive oil. 79% look to public sector instead of government to solve problems.

3:17 - Day of the Dead & What the Fed Said
14:29 - Powerball Winners & Losers
16:37 -The Fed's Cure de Jure
31:25 - Why 79% Think We're Out of Control
45:38 - Why Aren't There "Windfall" Credits for Losses?
Hosted by RIA Advisors Chief Investment Strategist Lance Roberts, CIO
Produced by Brent Clanton, Executive Producer
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