Who will be the New Head Chef of The Giplin? It's show time! | Alex Polizzi: Chef for Hire

Alex Polizzi heads to The Gilpin, a fine dining hotel in the Lake District. This much-loved family run business is desperate to find a new Executive Head Chef, can Alex find them the perfect match from her group of budding chefs? Subscribe to Our Taste: https://bit.ly/3OZoDcV

This film was first broadcast: 2015

Hospitality expert Alex Polizzi is on a mission to help restaurant owners find a new head chef. Head chefs are crucial for fine dining and popular eateries as they oversee the kitchen and maintain high food standards. However, filling this position can be difficult. Polizzi takes on the task by sourcing nine candidates to go through a tough interview process over four nights. The contenders with the best cooking skills move forward to the final stages, where one person is selected to become the head chef at the restaurant.

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