WHO releases COVID death data for the world I India's numbers are shocking I Barkha Dutt

The World Health Organization has released its excess death estimates for Covid years.

It has argued that ten times more Indians died from COVID than officially reported. India has contested these numbers. Vinod Paul who helmed India's COVID response has said : "There is nothing dramatic in India's COVID deaths"

The WHO says: "The global excess mortality associated with COVID-19 was 14.91 million in the 24 months between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2021, representing 9.49 million more deaths than those globally reported as directly attributable to COVID-19," the WHO said.

The WHO put India's excess mortality related to Covid-19 at 4.7 million.

Join us as we discuss the WHO figures. Barkha Dutt in conversation with:
Dr Ishwar Gilada | Infectious Diseases Expert
Dr Prabhat Jha | Epidemiologist
PKD Nambiar | Political Analyst
Ruchika & Gaurav

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