Which Type of Insurance Do You Need: Landlord or Homeowners?

Welcome back Loopers! Today we will be covering the differences between landlord and homeowners insurance. Make sure to check out DoorLoop today: https://go.doorloop.com/free-demo-landlord-insurance-vs-homeowners-insurance

In the world of property management, there are a handful of things that are considered essential. These can include an office, employees, tenants, and most importantly, a rental property. However, the most essential element would be something that can protect all of these other assets.

If you haven't guessed it, we're talking about insurance. However, there are various kinds of insurance, like homeowners insurance, renters insurance, landlord insurance, property management insurance, and others. Try DoorLoop today! https://go.doorloop.com/free-demo-landlord-insurance-vs-homeowners-insurance

Each of these covers different aspects of an investment property or a property management company. For some people, though, the difference between homeowners insurance and landlord insurance can be confusing. So, in this video, we will be explaining the difference between these two kinds of insurance. To learn more read out full blog post: https://go.doorloop.com/landlord-insurance-vs-homeowners-insurance-blog

0:00 Welcome
0:38 Where the Insured Resides
1:03 Damage Protection
1:25 Personal Property Coverage
1:54 Liability Coverage
2:18 Tenant Personal Belongings
2:32 Cost
3:16 Maintaining the Property
3:27 Prohibiting Smoking
3:38 Requiring Renters Insurance
4:04 Adding Safety Equipment
4:15 How to Decide Between Homeowners Insurance and Landlord Insurance
4:23 Renting Out a Room in Your Home
4:46 Short-Term Rentals
5:06 Renting the Entire Home

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