Which FANGS Stocks Will Outperform? - TCSS on 2 Jan 2022

0:00 - Overview on market performance in past 1 and 2 years
5:09 - Apple
9:40 - Microsoft
14:28 - Alphabet
19:15 - Kelvin asked how M1 chip affect gaming business
26:10 - Amazon
30:15 - Tesla
36:49 - Meta Platforms
48:47 - Nvidia
53:10 - TSMC
57:52 - Daren asked for the view on AMD
1:00:18 - 2022 Prediction Big Tech outperform again, which one out of MSFT/AAPL/AMZN/GOOGL/FB highest return for 2022
1:04:38 - I am a student USD1000, what game plan do you recommend?
1:14:23 - Planning to cut loss on my Alibaba (more than USD10k), which stock should I all in to recover my loss from Alibaba?
1:20:05 - What's your outlook on 2022 for USA and China economy? Will there be more upside for China to grow since it drop about 50% last year in 2021
1:21:42 - Stock will move sideway for 2022? Any strategy for US stock picking to share?
1:24:00 - Many are predicting sideways for major indices. Anyone predicting 2007 to 2013 again?
1:27:23 - When do you enter and exit a stock/position?
1:32:05 - Many predict sideways for major indices. For someone new to investing with 100k cash, any recommendations? How to overcome mental barrier of lump sum 100k?
1:38:00 - Duration of IBKR withdrawal? Heard Syfe trade coming out this month but do not provide OTC market trading. Have tried use IBKR but hard to understand.
1:39:44 - Stripe IPO and what market cap will you buy in at?
1:45:30 - Top stock pick for 2022?
1:46:40 - Big tech saturated? Should I seek for gains in other sectors?
1:50:54 - Thought on Palantir?
1:51:44 - What do you think of the US interest rate hike next year? More expensive to borrow money and valuations drop due to increase in risk free rate?
1:55:12 - Are there any free resources to learn options trading?
1:58:02 - Is Apple overvalued?
2:00:33 - I am very confused and uncertain about Tesla share price or current valuation. How priced-in is the future profitability?
2:05:47 - How much cash do you guys keep on the side? I find 6 months salary in cash pretty high and the opportunity cost involved ridiculous?
2:10:18 - Do you all pledge your Tesla shares and at what percentage? I am considering SCB wealth lending, is it better than IBKR?
2:15:40 - How you guys cope with buying stocks now, and not predict the next big dip? When you know, you could have bought cheaper earlier this year.

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