Where Would You Spend the Money if You Owned this Railroad?

If you only had so much money to spend, where would you put
the dollars if you owned us?

Today we will find out about some of the history of the mine and railroad
and go over some of the finances that are involved in running an operation
such as we have here at Cumberland Mine.

Operating a coal mine and a railroad involves some major expenses just
to mine and transport the coal. We are making a profit which is fantastic.
Proceeds after the cost of mining the coal and transporting it are
being spend on new capital improvements. And in this video I only went
over a few things they are spending the money on, but they are indeed putting
millions of dollars back into the business. Which is a very healthy business choice.

The game plan is to once again have Cumberland Mine become a world class
coal mine like it used to be. Our management team is committed to achieving
that goal. That will happen, but it takes time and and a lot of money to get there.
But we will do it.

Here is the link to the article in Coal Age magazine about Mr. Thompson
and Cumberland Mine. It is a very good read to find out more behind the
scenes info about Cumberland Mine:

Here is the link to Iron Synergy web site: They are currently hiring new
employees for under ground and for foremen. This is a good place to work,
the work is steady, pay and benefits are good. We need folks who want to
be part of and help build a winning team.

Made February 28 and March 20, 2023

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