When should an organization adopt a Learning Management System (LMS)?

As an L&D leader, implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) is one of your most critical career projects. But if your organization has never used an LMS before, you must ensure that the organization is ready. What organizational triggers and symptoms should you watch out for before beginning to advocate an LMS to your organization?
Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as each organization's situation is unique. So we catch up with Linus Mascarenhas, the L&D Manager at Auxilo Finserve, and seek his input.
Linus provides us with three insightful counter-questions to help you arrive at the answer.
1.         Do you focus on just disseminating information or ensuring that the learners apply the knowledge learned? An LMS is the only way to measure the learners' ability to use the information shared practically.
2.         Does the information you are trying to share with your workforce change frequently? If your processes, services, products, policies, and SOPs change regularly, then there is a big case for an LMS.
3.         Do you want to reduce the overall training cost? Implementing an LMS will always lead to a reduction in your overall training spend. All this ensures efficiency and reliability that can be easily tracked and measured.
About Auxilo Finserve: Auxilo is a pro-education NBFC focused on helping students avail of quality education. They assist students to access educational loans across the K-12 and in the Higher-Ed space. With their sales teams having a pan-India presence, Auxilo implemented its LMS over a year ago when they were just about 100 in size.

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