When It's More Than "Just a Job": Occupational Identity Management Skills for a Sustainable Career

Dr. Johnanna Ganz, class of 2009
Johnanna Ganz, Ph.D., is a highly analytical, data-focused pragmatist. Dr. Ganz looks for opportunities to turn theory and ideas into action. As an independent researcher and consultant, her passions lie in developing individuals and organizations with the goal of increasing the sustainability of mission-driven people and agencies.

During her doctoral research, Johnanna studied occupational and organizational identity development in victim advocates and their agencies using quantitative and qualitative approaches. She has used this research as a foundation to develop tools and trainings that help individuals and organizations improve their work. Throughout the years of working in many mission-driven organizations, Johnanna saw how her research could help so many. Thus, she began her work as an independent consultant, coach, and trainer to support mission-driven staff, leaders, and agencies as they build their skills around healthy occupational identities and organizational cultures. Johnanna approaches every project and relationship with the philosophy of, “Let’s do better, together.”
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