When Is It Time To RESIGN From Your Job? (ft. SGAG's Samantha, Joie Tan, Q, Nic) | The Hop Pod Ep.1

[TW: This video contains discussion with sensitive content on depression and mental health. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Welcome to You Got Watch’s newest podcast series “The Hop Pod”! In our very first episode, we're diving straight into one of the most difficult dilemmas of #adulting – When do you know it's time to quit your job? Listen in as our hosts and SGAG’s Samantha spill the tea on why they left their jobs and how they navigated the quitting process.

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00:00 Teaser
00:23 Welcome to The Hop Pod
01:05 Topic of the day
01:29 Choosing to leave your job is a privilege
03:35 Joie’s experience in a toxic workplace
05:35 Why Q left her first job
08:12 Why Sam left her previous job
10:03 How much did work trauma affect Samantha?
11:02 The Question Pod
12:33 Samantha’s tips for people in a toxic workplace
13:15 Why people don’t leave their jobs even though they are unhappy
13:57 What are some of the good things in your current job that makes you stay?
14:57 Good colleagues vs company benefits
15:48 How Nic chooses his job & the work culture in Singapore
16:34 Job-hopping culture in the younger generation
18:00 How do you actually quit?
19:26 Joie’s tip on asking for a pay raise
20:07 Serving the notice period
20:31 Employment contracts and knowing your rights as an employee
22:53 On airing your dirty laundry
24:09 Challenges we should be prepared to face during the job transition process
24:32 Quitting with or without a plan
26:02 Joie on leaving her job without a plan or adequate savings
26:55 Side hustles and extra income
27:49 Final thoughts
28:38 Outro


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