What's new with Citrix Application Delivery Management - October 2022 monthly webinar

This monthly webinar series focuses on updates to the Citrix Application Delivery Management Service. October's webinar will include improvements over M&M, the demo of the Ansible integration with ADM Stylebooks to automate the management of ADC appliances and primer section for ADM's Application Dashboard

For future webinars, register now at https://www.citrix.com/events/2022/whats-new-with-citrix-application-delivery-management.html

00:33 - Agenda and Overview
06:57 - New ADM Features
08:55 - Improvement over M&M:Generate tech support bundle for Secondary NetScaler ADC
09:44 - Improvement over M&M:View network reporting data points for each day of a month.
10:22 - Improvement over M&M:Rescheduling the jobs when unforeseen events Occur
13:40 - CICO pooled license management for unmanned ADC Instances
15:35 - NetScaler automation overview & Demo of Ansible integration with ADM Stylebooks
39:50 - Primer - Application Dashboard
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