What to do about High Inflation? | Discussion with Adam Tooze, Katharina Utermöhl and Armand Zorn

High inflation rates and the resulting high financial burdens for private households and companies currently dominate the economic policy discussion in Germany and many other countries.

In many places, economists and decision-makers are struggling to draw the correct conclusions and figure out right measures to tame the high inflation and relieve the burden on particularly affected population groups and companies. In this context, heated discussion has arisen about the possibilities and limits of central banks’ monetary policies, the wage policy of the collective bargaining parties as well as the economic, financial and social policies of various governments. Some countermeasures have already been taken against the high inflation rates, for example in the form of interest rate hikes by central banks or relief and support packages by governments. Further steps and measures are sure to come in the months ahead.

Against this backdrop, we want to use this evening event with prominent experts from Germany and abroad to explore the question of what the causes of high inflation indeed are, what measures are best suited to combat it, how the relief and support packages in Germany so far may be assessed, what further measures should still be adopted and what consequences are for the further development of public finances in particular.

Go here for further information: https://www.fes.de/en/steuern-und-finanzpolitik/rising-prices-exploding-costs-what-to-do-about-high-inflation
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