What the old forest taught us: Forest stewardship in the 21st century

The UW School of Environmental and Forest Sciences is proud to welcome Dr. Jerry Franklin, SEFS Emeritus Professor, as the 2023 Sustaining Our World Speaker. Dr. Franklin will present “What the Old Forests Taught Us: Forest Stewardship in the 21st Century,” and a short Q&A will be held after the presentation.

Description: A revolution in our understanding of forests – what they are and their value to human society – occurred during the last 60 years, and it began with research on the nature of the old-growth conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest. We know them now as biologically rich, structurally complex ecosystems that fulfill many important functions and not just as collections of trees managed for wood production. This science of forest ecosystems now provides us with the direction we need to restore the plantation-dominated landscapes to fully functional, resistant and resilient forest ecosystems. Challenges in the 21st century make collaboration between man and nature imperative.

Dr. Jerry Franklin is a forest ecologist, leading authority on sustainable forest management, and Emeritus Professor in the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at the University of Washington,
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