What The FinTech #45 - Reap - All-in-one business credit card with an online expense management tool

Reap is a technology company dedicated to fuelling the ambitions of small businesses. We deliver corporate payment solutions to improve the way small businesses operate today and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow. Currently, Reap's online payments platform enables small businesses to pay expenses and collect revenue – to and from anyone, anywhere – entirely via credit card.

The company has revolutionised the way businesses manage cash flow, leveraging credit cards to smooth cash flow and increase capital efficiency by digitising day-to-day finances and transactions. As strong advocates of small to medium-sized businesses, Reap believes businesses should operate at their potential, not at their size. Reap continues to innovate, advancing technology and building better tools for small businesses to level the playing field – by giving every small business the access of a large enterprise.

Reap is supported by an empowering group of investors; including Global Founders Capital, Bertelsmann Asia Investments, Index Ventures, Fresco Capital and Hustle Fund. Our current operation spans Hong Kong and Singapore and continues to expand.

Website: https://reap.global/en/

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