What should I learn in 2022 | High income skills to learn

Skills. We all have AT LEAST one. The question is, is your skill making you money? No? Then you NEED to learn these high income skills ASAP. Don't get too overwhelmed though. Allow us to guide you through all of it in a digestible manner because that's exactly what we're gonna cover in this video.

Let's start with our last item and that is SALES. We know. What if you're an introvert? The thought might make you pee in your pants a little, right? But trust us when we say that the things you'll learn from that job will help you all throughout your life. There are plenty of sales related jobs offered by different industries or companies. However, we're suggesting life insurance sales. Insurance sales have scored 78 over 100 in the zip recruiter skills index. Now that's a really good number. If you can get a sales job in an industry that offers a lot of opportunity, then things are gonna look great for you. The cost per click in insurance sales on Google ads is a horrendous amount of $54.91! You heard us right. Every time you click on those life insurance ads on the internet, it costs the said company about $55 whether you buy it or not. We know there are a lot of scammers that sell life insurance and we can't blame people for wanting term insurance instead. Anyway, that's beside the point. To further prove the relevance of sales in this list, we think you should know that the number one job billionaires and multimillionaires have had in the past includes sales job. Whatever career you choose in life, we recommend that you get a sales job because it will greatly contribute in your life in the long-run. Aside from helping you financially, it can also make you a better communicator and yes, it can even help you bag a date with that person you're crushing on. 
Next on the list is a MATH RELATED SKILLS job. Now, if you've hardly passed algebra, don't skip this just yet.  While you wait for this item to be over, get busy by nudging on the like button and subscribe while you're at it. We'll get back to you later. Anyway, if you're someone who's good at math, a ton of opportunities are waiting for you. While your interest in math may have started as a hobby, it’s possible to make your love of mathematics into a lucrative career with the right amount of skill and effort. According to the zip recruiter skills index, math skills, which falls on the analytical skills category, ranks in 86 out of 100. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects a 27% job growth rate for math occupations between 2019 and 2029, a rate extraordinarily higher than the average for all occupations, 4%. Many fields now rely on data, which in part explains the high demand for skilled mathematicians, analysts, and statisticians. We all know that learning basic math is a necessity for us adults. Learning how to budget and planning things out is good but understanding a much complex version of mathematics is even better. What you need to focus on is how to solve logical problems rather than just simply crunching digits. Indeed, a lot of the math lessons you learned in school or from your degree won't necessarily apply directly to a lot of careers that you may pursue in the future. But for people that are talented in math, you probably will end up working in technology. Speaking of, that’s our next topic.

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