What Product Manager Should Know | Top 7 Skills Of A Product Manager | What Product Managers Do?

Want to land your dream job in Product Management? Tried online community, course, and coaching platform to help you ace your upcoming Product Management interview?

Nothing works, right?

I have helped 100+ people land their dream careers in product management (PM) & learn to build a business.

Don't leave your tech career to chance. Learn from a REAL PRODUCT MANAGER.

Product Management is easy, if done right & learned right.

What will you get:

* Product Manager Interviews & How to Crack?
* What is Product Management?
* Product Manager Salaries
* Figma
* Marvel
* Jira
* Trello
* Confluence
* Agile, Scrum & SAFe
* Product Design / Product Sense
* Product Analytics
* Market Research
* User Research
* Prototyping
* UX Design
* Technology for Product Managers
* APIs
* And Much More

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