What Management Style Is Best To Run A Successful Business - CIFC Episode 135

This week, Pat and I chat about different management styles that we have experienced at places we’ve worked at before joining the army, while we were in military service, and companies that we have observed about their management style. We talk about how there is a difference between management and leadership roles, and that not everyone is cut out to be a manager, but can be one hell of a leader. With any discussion about management, we also share the best managers that we have ever worked with that taught us lessons that we use till this day, and the absolute worst ones that made us eat shit sandwiches on the daily. I also share my strengths and weaknesses as a CEO managing hundreds of people, and how I am improving to work on a structure that is suitable for my abilities, my team and the whole of the company.

0:00 Introduction
0:56 Different managerial styles
7:29 Working smarter, not harder
10:20 Military vs corporate management
12:09 When lines start to blur
14:20 Structures in a company
18:09 Corporate bonus structures
23:01 The best & worst managers to work with
27:44 Moving up and out
31:17 Leadership
33:46 Good use of your time
37:00 Accountability and responsibility
45:18 Risks and inovation
46:40 Airing out grievances
49:21 Excuses and reasons
50:49 Knowing what something is worth
53:43 Creating structure for yourself

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