What Makes Cybersecurity a Governance Issue? - Welcome To 123 CMMC

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This episode of Welcome To 123 CMMC is about cybersecurity governance but also tries to cover the following subjects:
- Corporate governance and cyber security
- Cybersecurity governance risk and compliance
- Cybersecurity grc
If you would like to learn even more about corporate governance and cyber security I recommend you to have a look at our various other video clips : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnKQTPi2Td2Kx7m4-1hD2cA
Have I addressed all of your concerns about cybersecurity governance?
People who looked for corporate governance and cyber security likewise searched for cybersecurity governance risk and compliance.
Identity Protection Planning was developed to assist small and large organizations with educating and protecting their clients/employees/associates about identity theft protection.
In today's technological world identity theft protection is unfortunately, life's newest necessity.

IPP developed IDENTRON, a top of market identity theft protection product and service for business owners and association managers to offer to their clients/employees/associates.

Understanding that not all business owners or association managers are extremely tech savvy, IPP created IDENTRON with a user friendly software platform that is easy to understand and navigate.

IDENTRON identity theft protection plans offer $1 million policy, 24/7 US based ID restoration experts, SSN monitoring, credit monitoring, Dark web scans and much more.

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