What It Takes To Be A Software Engineer

Are you a software engineer, a software developer, or perhaps a programmer? Is there a difference? This is a debate that has been going on for a very long time. For some people working in professional software development, engineering has become a devalued term “what we do isn’t engineering, it’s craft”. For others, the term “engineering” has been devalued to the point where they see it as simply meaning the technical act of writing code, or as a cumbersome bureaucratic burden. Neither of these ideas make much sense if we look at engineering in other disciplines. So what would “engineering for software” really mean, what should be the “software engineering” principles that underpin all that we do, whatever the language, technology, or problem that we solve?

In this episode, Dave Farley, describes the ideas at the heart of his new book "Modern Software Engineering" (published this week). What are the principles that, if you apply them, will ensure that you build better software faster? Where is the science in computer science? what is Modern Software Engineering?


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