What is Your Management Style - Interview Question Answered

What is Your Management Style or a of variation of management styles interview questions are common interview questions for any management level role and also those roles that may lead to management roles.

“What is Your Management Style” interview question may appear fairly straight forward but as always, there are a number of pitfalls to avoid when describing your management style.

There is not a standard answer to this leadership interview question and using one may harm your candidacy. It is important to show your self-awareness and explain your approach to managing and leading the team.

I take you through what the interviewer will be looking for, how they might assess your management approach, and give you ideas of what you might include in your interview question answers and we include 2 example answers for different management levels. Very useful for your manager interview preparation.

A skilled interviewer will be able to work out how you manage others and the management or leadership level at which you operate through your answers and examples. Think about how you support and develop your team, how you communicate with your team and what focus you put on getting the job done within the team.

Throughout this video, I share manager job interview tips, to prepare you for your manager interview.

Other interview questions for managers include “What is your leadership style” which can be answered in a very similar way to What is your management style.

Good luck in preparing for your management interview!

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