What is Service Portfolio Management?

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In This session we have discussed about Service Portfolio Management. We have discussed about What is service portfolio management, Goals Of Service Portfolio Management, Roles and Functions In Service Portfolio Management, Terms Used In Service Portfolio Management, Benefits From Service Portfolio Management.

“Service Portfolio Management”

Service Portfolio Management is the process responsible for the assembly of an initial Service Design Package (SDP) for each service and its maintenance through the service life cycle. This also involves cooperating with the Continual Service Improvement Process.
In the IT industry, service portfolio management is the creation, organization, and management of a portfolio of IT services, for example, communication-related services or infrastructure-related services. The purpose of implementing service portfolio management is to improve your IT business operations and meet customer demands by optimizing the value of services and reducing their costs. The Service Portfolio Management application helps you accomplish these goals. A service portfolio includes information related to the organization of services and data about each service, including status, as well as related items.

A team of people work together to create, manage, and oversee the service portfolio. There are strategic roles, as well as operational roles, among the team members. In most organizations, people may participate in more than one role and often share roles with others.

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