What is Scope of the Quality Management System | Determining the Scope of the Quality Management

This video explains what is the scope of the quality management system and how to define the scope of the QMS for your organization. Let's start by translating lengthy standard writing into plain English. The first requirement is to determine the boundaries and applicability of the QMS. Boundaries often refer to the business's physical location or geography of its services. For example: "Acme Fabrication headquartered in Dayton, OH …." Dayton, OH, is the location. The next is the applicability of the standard's requirements to the QMS: these are the processes and products under the scope. For example, Design, Manufacture, Repair, and Service are the processes, and "Gas-Powered Backup Generators" are the products.

Further, for the development of the Scope, the standard requires consideration of the issues and the requirements of relevant interested parties. We address both of these requirements in the scope as we aim to satisfy market demands which is an external issue and provide products to our customers or our interested parties to meet their needs.

Finally, the standard recaps its requirements for the scope and clarifies what is the scope of the quality management system. It shall:
• Include all the applicable requirements of the standard,
• Justify any requirement that does not apply to the Scope
• Include the types of products and services, and
• Be documented and available

Knowing the requirements for the scope of the quality management system, we can develop a template for the scope statement shown in the video. After defining what we offer and where we still have to identify and justify not applicable requirements. Let's take a look at an example: the scope of the QMS is "Investment Castings for Medical device and Aerospace Industries." Per the scope, we do not design or service our products, so design and servicing requirements are not applicable. Justification for such not applicability is simple: Not including Design and servicing in the Scope does not affect the organization's ability to meet customer requirements.

This concludes our first video on developing the scope for the QMS. It explained what is the scope of the quality management system and what elements the scope should include. The following video will discuss scopes for multi-site management systems, how to document scopes, and what to avoid in the scope statements.

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