What is Red Hat | What is Linux | Red Hat Certification Importance in 2021 (for beginners)

Watch this informative webinar session on 'Building Career with Red Hat Training and Certification' conducted by BCM College, Red Hat & ipsr solutions limited.
The session is led by Mr. Ramesh Padmanabhan, director of Red Hat GLS India & SAARC.

00:00 What is Red Hat?
01:23 From communities to enterprise
06:09 What is Linux and Why it is important
09:39 Linux is Everywhere
12:06 The skills companies need most in 2021
13:00 What kind of package is expected?
14:26 What is a global certification?
29:05 Which sector or industry will hire students who finished Linux certification
30:20 The world runs smarter with Linux
37:58 The Linux foundation

Learn more about Red Hat: https://www.ipsr.org/red-hat-linux-training.html

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