What is PIM (Product Information Management) for eCommerce - BetterCommerce

Scattered product information across places? Onboard a world of myriad possibilities with PIM!
A central place to store all your product information like variants, colours, sizes, material, SKU Codes etc., including media (housed in the in-built DAM). Manage, update and distribute accurate and consistent data across various sales touchpoints.

Get features like:
✔️Product Enrichment
✔️Dynamic Price List
✔️In-built DAM
✔️Bundles and BOM
✔️Multi-brand, Multi-Vendor
✔️Multichannel Syndication
✔️Workflow and Validation

Learn more about how BetterCommerce PIM can boost your business https://www.bettercommerce.io/product/pim

Are you a business confused if a PIM is made for you?
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