What is Persuasive Management style & when to use it?

In today's video we will discuss persuasive Management style, and identify situation’s in which it could be best used.

To begin with the persuasive management style is characterized by a manager who makes decisions but uses their communication skills to convince their team to support the decision.

Persuasive Management style can be effective in situations where the manager needs to make unpopular decisions, and the team needs to be convinced of the decision's importance, as the persuasive management style can be effective in creating a collaborative, and engaged workforce.

This video is an introduction to the various aspects, however for a better understanding please check out the links from the "Additional Reading" section below and continue on your learning journey.

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Video Content

0:00 - Introduction Persuasive Management style
- What are the Advantages of Persuasive Management style?
- What are the Disadvantage of Persuasive Management style?
- When best to use Persuasive Management style?
- Conclusion of Persuasive Management style

Came across a great saying:
A leader is a dealer in hope. — Napoleon Bonaparte

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