What is New Public Administration? CSS/PMS Public Administration lecture series Notes of past papers

What is New Public Administration (NPA)?
When New Public Administration was started?
How to define and elaborate the concept of new public administration?
CSS, PMS & UPSC Public Administration past paper solution and solved past papers question according to the syllabus of the public administration

CSS Public Administration Lecture Series

What is Public Administration? Implementation of public (government) policies. An academic discipline, which studies this implementation and prepares civil servants.

What is New Public Administration? Anti-hierarchical, anti-positivist and anti-technical approach towards traditional public administration.

Emergence: A conference held under the patronage of Clifford Dwight Waldo (American Political Scientist) in 1968. American pollical and administrative system was facing upheavals during 1960. This turbulence in USA, forced him to say that public administration is not responding to these upheavals and turbulence effectively. To decrease and to eliminate mistrust of public toward government and administration (bureaucracy), he proposed New Public Administration.

Characteristics & Features:
1. Responsiveness (flexible)
2. Client centrality (citizen oriented, client satisfaction)
3. Structural change in Administration (anti-hierarchical, comfortable, flexible and small)
4. Multi-disciplinary nature of Public Administration (approving other disciplines)
5. Politics-Administration dichotomy (division between politics and administration)
6. Awareness
7. Case studies
8. Structural change (Public Management)
9. Jack of all trades
10. Change (Public Adviser or Public Manager than Public Administrator)

Other related topics:
1. Public Administration
2. Public Management
3. New Public Management (NPM)

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