What Is MYOPIA? Childhood Myopia Treatment, Control & Management

What is MYOPIA? In this video Dr. Scott Klasman talks about breakthrough treatment for Myopia in children, myopia control, and myopia management 30% of the kids in the US have MYOPIA and this is expected to increase by 50% by 2050… Do you have any questions?

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Dr. Todd Johnsonbaugh - Chiropractor at https://www.dabbsrehab.com/meet-our-doctors/
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00:00 Introduction
04:08 What is myopia and how can it be treated
05:10 What's the difference between nearsightedness and myopia
10:30 Good eye care and how to prevent myopia (tips)
13:40 Myopia treatment mistakes
17:50 3 ways to treat myopia
22:15 Myopia control / management / treatment success story
25:56 Comparison of treatment methods (treating the cause vs treating the symptom)
29:00 How to connect with Dr. Scott Klasman - Optometrist in Baltimore MD
29:50 Integrative medicine - who can help prevent myopia
35:50 Invitation to join Polish Your Life Doctors Networking Group

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