What is MKR? Maker DAO’s Governance and Utility Token

Maker lets you borrow its stablecoin DAI using other cryptocurrencies as collateral. Yet, Maker uses a dual-token model, where in addition to DAI, there is a governance and utility token, MKR, that is actively used on the platform.

While DAI is in some sense the product of Maker, MKR token is a key part of keeping the operation smooth and secure.

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00:00:00 Maker's two tokens
00:00:46 Lending and Borrowing on Maker DAO
00:01:36 MKR coin functions
00:02:26 Governance
00:04:56 Utility
00:06:18 Recapitalization
00:07:01 Who is behind Maker
00:07:47 Future of Maker and MKR

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