What is managerial planning and its importance basic -Lecture 18 -Public Administration

Ms. Seemi Waheed
M. Phil (Economics)
GCU Lahore

MGT111 Lecture18
What is managerial planningand its importance
basic principles underlying planning
types of plans

Course Synopsis
It is an introductory course on Public Administration. This course is designed as a broad introduction to Public Administration. The contents of the course include historical ideas & concepts, perspectives and intellectual frameworks that are fundamental to understanding Public Administration. This course will prepare the students (and is a prerequisites for) more advanced course in public administration like Organizational Development, Crises Management, Educational and Health Management and Public Finance. Since this course is a knowledge based course and theoretical in contents, students after the completion of the course will understand the functioning of government and the functioning of public organizations.

Course Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, students will be able to:

Understand basics of public administration and its importance.
Learn different approaches to study of public administration.
Explain the role and function of government and public manager.
Recognize the structure of government.
Appreciate the skills required by the public manager in imparting duties.
Discuss the difference between public and business management.
Critically evaluate the decision making process and implications of such decisions on the daily lives of common people.
Introduction, Evolution of Public Administration, Classical School of Thoughts, Human Relations Schools, Power And Politics, History of Public Administration, Civil Service, Civil Service Reforms, 1973 Constitution of Pakistan, Structure of Government, Public and Private Administration, Organization, Departmentalization, Power and Authority, Delegation of Authority, Planning, Planning Commission and Planning Development, Decision Making, Human Resource Management (HRM), Selection Process and Training, Performance Appraisal, Selection and Training and Public Organizations, Public Finance, Budget, Public Budget, National Finance Commission, Administrative Control, Audit, Motivation, Motivation and Leadership, Leadership, Team, Communication, District Administration, Devolution Plan, Political Reforms, New Public Management (NPM), Managerial Program Agenda.

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