What is Machine Identity Management? The next priority for IAM leaders.

Watch this video to find out why managing machine identities is the next priority for security and IAM leaders.

When we talk about machines, though, we don’t just mean the physical devices on your network. Today, machines include everything from connected IoT and mobile devices to software-defined applications, cloud workloads, virtual machines (VMs), containers, and even the code running on them.

Much like human identities (usernames and passwords) that we use to access the apps and devices we use every day, machines also use a set of credentials (in the form of cryptographic keys and digital certificates) to authenticate and communicate securely.

However, with the proliferation of machines, the sheer number of these keys and digital certificates has grown exponentially, creating a serious machine identity management problem.

To learn more, read our blog https://www.keyfactor.com/blog/machine-identity-management/.
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