What is Governance | Governance Framework | Information Security Governance Framework | Governance

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What is Governance | Governance Framework | Information Security Governance Framework | Governance

In today's digital age, governance, and cybersecurity are essential topics that organizations cannot afford to overlook. This video provides a comprehensive overview of what governance is, how it relates to cybersecurity, and why it's critical for effective risk management.

We'll start by defining governance and exploring its different forms, including good governance and global governance. Then, we'll dive into the cybersecurity framework and explain how it's used to secure information and protect against cyber threats. We'll also cover cybersecurity maturity model certification and explain how it's becoming increasingly important for organizations to obtain this certification to demonstrate their cybersecurity readiness.

Additionally, we'll discuss the importance of governance in business and the different frameworks that exist to establish effective security governance. These frameworks include security governance framework, governance framework, information security governance, and cyber security governance framework. We'll also discuss the role of risk management in governance and how it's used to assess and manage risk.

Finally, we'll explore project governance, including the project governance process, definition, and project management governance framework. We'll explain how governance plays a crucial role in project management and helps ensure project success.

By the end of this video, you'll have a clear understanding of governance, corporate governance, and cybersecurity frameworks and how they can be used to achieve effective risk management. Whether you're an IT professional, a business owner, or simply interested in learning more about these critical topics, this video is for you.

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Table of Contents:
00:01:31 Governance
00:04:09 Corporate governance
00:05:54 Governance Diagram
00:07:42 Information Security Governance
00:09:53 Security Governance Framework
00:12:06 Nasdaq corporate governance requirement

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