What Is ESG Investing: The Truth About Sustainable Investing | Wealth Management With Neil McIver

In recent years, ESG Investing has become a popular topic in the world of finance. Countless investors and companies have directed capital into companies they deem to be ethical.

But how do you determine if an investment is ethical? How can organizations be consistent in their classifications? And is ESG investing effective?

As Neil McIver explains, the world of ESG investing is plagued by conflicting criteria, contradictory company nominations, and highly correlated securities. It all points to the conclusion that investment decisions should not be made purely on social criteria.

Watch now to learn the truth about ESG investing.

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Table of Contents

02:51 Environmental Standards
05:05 How Important Is The Woke Score?
07:42 Structural Flaws
13:00 What's In It For Me?
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