What Is Distribution Management | Concept & Definition | Types of Distribution | Urdu-Hindi-SCM

The function of distribution management is to make sure that the movement of material is as per required in between the supply chain entities.

APICS dictionary defines distribution management in such way
“All activities associated with the movement of material from manufacturer to customer, material can be finished product or service parts.
Distribution management include all activities like transportation, warehousing, inventory control, site and location analysis, material handling, industrial packaging, information integration and communication network”

According to nature of distribution there are two types
1: Commercial distribution
2: Physical distribution

A: When a material/ Product is moved for the purpose of sale it is called commercial distribution
B: When a material/ product is moved for further storage and value addition it is called physical distribution

The core objective of distribution management is to make effective movement of material so that the material/ product can be delivered to right customer on right time and right condition.
Reverse logistical activities are also included in distribution management

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