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Ready to dive deep into the world of Management Consulting? Join me in this eye-opening journey where we unpack the secrets, strategies, and successes of the consulting universe! Whether you're a budding consultant or just curious about the industry, this video is your backstage pass to the dynamic world of problem-solving and strategy. Let's get started!
Whether you're a student exploring career options or a professional seeking growth, this video is your guide to mastering the art of Management Consulting! Don't forget to hit subscribe for more expert insights.

00:00 My background
00:45 Questions I’ve Received
01:28 Misconceptions about Consulting
02:43 What is Management Consulting?
03:35 Why are 22-year-olds consulting?
04:12 What is a consulting project?
05:54 What do I do starting off?
10:30 How do you grow in consulting?
12:08 What’s the career progression?
14:48 Tell me about the money
17:28 The luxury lifestyle
18:55 Week in a consultant’s life
19:53 Hours a consultant works
20:26 Pros and Cons of Consulting
20:53 How do you get into consulting?
23:20 Why people don’t stick to consulting?

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