What is Consciousness & its Types | How to Solve Problems | Problem Solving Skill Hindi-Urdu

What is Consciousness & its Types | How to Solve Problems | Problem Solving Skill Hindi-Urdu

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Hello, I am Dr. Syed Faisal Jeelani.
I am a Motivational speaker holding a Ph.D. and an MBA. I possess more than 35 years of learning and experience in the corporate sector in key executive positions, I have more than 25 years of Academic Teaching as an Associate Professor for BBA and MBA classes and as a Trainer providing Professional Training and Development programs at private and public sector organizations.

What is Consciousness & its Types
How to Solve Problems
Problem Solving Skill Hindi-Urdu
Consciousness and subconscious
How to solve problems of life
Problem Solving skill in urdu
Way of light
How to find new Ideas
The solution to all problems
Ideas and problem solving

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This channel aims to provide those formulas and methods on Personal Development, Improvement, Growth, Success, Human Communications, and Self Awareness that are neither taught nor learned in any school.
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