What is Business Intelligence? | Google Business Intelligence Certificate

This is the first of three courses in the Google Business Intelligence Certificate, which will help you develop the skills you need to apply to entry-level roles as a business intelligence (BI) professional. People who work in BI help organizations access the right data, use data to help businesses grow and improve, and put insights into action. In this course, you’ll discover the role of BI professionals within an organization and explore BI tools you can use on the job.

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Get started with business intelligence ⁃ 0:00
The organizations and teams that benefit from business intelligence ⁃ 9:01
Business intelligence structures and stages ⁃ 16:53
How business intelligence makes an impact ⁃ 25:59
Program plans and expectations ⁃ 36:11
Business intelligence analysts and engineers—the ultimate team players ⁃ 38:04
Keeping it real: Monitor in the moment ⁃ 50:27
Review: Business intelligence tools and techniques ⁃ 54:30
Constant change and other limitations ⁃ 55:48
Move beyond data limitations ⁃ 01:07:56
Review: Context is crucial for purposeful insights ⁃ 01:12:07
Congratulations on completing Course 1! ⁃ 01:13:46

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The Google Business Intelligence Certificate teaches learners how to create processes and information channels that transform data into actionable insights to inform business decisions. Designed and taught by experts at Google, this advanced program builds on the foundations of the Google Data Analytics Certificate and helps enhance technical skills with industry-leading tools, including  BigQuery, Tableau, and SQL.

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What is Business Intelligence? | Google Business Intelligence Certificate
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