What is Agile Governance? 4 Guiding Principle for good governance in Agile

What is Agile governance? What are the guiding principles for good governance in agile? To answer this question, we have come up with a video focusing mainly on agile governance and 4 guiding principles for good governance in agile. To know more click here: https://bit.ly/3RodBA2

In this video session, we will be talking about the basics of agile governance, what are the best practices in agile governance, how to apply governance to an agile project, and much more

What is Agile governance?

Agile governance is a procedure that focuses on bringing the beneficiary by focusing on what matters. Good governance ensures that the policies and decision-making process are associated with successful conveyance when you include agile in your organization’s strategic goals through projects and schemes. To know more check out this video and get to know more about Good agile governance.

Why is Agile governance challenging for work projects?

Embracing a new notion like agile and wagging on it in an assigned way in your organization can take time. You cant endorse agile without facing any challenges along the way. Therefore, it is pivotal to support the delivery team as they try to run into the hurdles while adopting agile.

Chapter Makers

0:00 Introduction
0:28 Table of contents
1:13 What is agile governance?
1:52 Guiding principle for agile governance
3:54 What are the best practices in agile governance
5:03 Key challenges of agile Governance for work projects
5:57 How to apply governance to an agile project
6:45 Epilogue

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