What is adult ADHD and how to treat it

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Parents and doctors have known about childhood ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder – for decades, but it is only recently that the medical field has started to recognise, diagnose and seriously study ADHD in adults. In this episode of The Conversation Weekly podcast, we explore what adult ADHD looks like, how it is diagnosed today and the many new treatments available to help those with the disorder live better lives.

Featuring Laura E Knouse an associate professor of psychology a the University of Richmond in the US, and Tamara May, senior research fellow at Monash University in Australia. 

This episode of The Conversation Weekly was produced by Mend Mariwany. Sound design is by Eloise Stevens and our theme music is by Neeta Sarl. Full credits for this episode are available here. Further readingADHD looks different in adults. Here are 4 signs to watch forWhy many women with autism and ADHD aren’t diagnosed until adulthood – and what to do if you think you’re one of themADHD in adults: what it’s like living with the condition – and why many still struggle to get diagnosed
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