What Is A WORKPLACE HEALTH STRATEGY?! - with Renee Clarke

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Renee Clarke:
A workplace health strategy is basically the same as any other business strategy. It's a plan of action to get from A to B using strategic drivers. And when we talk about workplace health strategy those strategic drivers are health and wellbeing driven. So we find these drivers within organisations by doing research. So our program works on four levels. So we do research, we do planning, we do delivering and then we do analysing. So the research stage of any strategy is the most important. I’ve worked with so many organisations that literally pull a strategy off the shelf and start working with it and it's not strategically driven. So they're never going to get the results they're hoping for, it's a piece of paper. So with the workplace health strategy we do that research, we look at the organisation. So we look at the demographics of the people, what the absence trends are, management styles and then we do surveys and research with the individuals. So what are their problems? How do they feel the workplace is treating them? Do they think their environment is good? How is their current health and wellbeing? What would they like to improve in their health and wellbeing? And when we talk about health and wellbeing. We look at mental, physical, social, financial and then we call the other area organisational. So the strategy has to encompass that research side of it before any strategy is built.
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