What is a Product Backlog? | Agile Project Management | Invensis Learning

This Invensis video on "Product Backlog" will help you understand the concept of Product backlog in a project. We will also discuss how to build a product backlog from scratch and how to keep it healthy. Following are the topics covered in the video "Product backlog?":

00:01:34 - What is a Product Backlog?
00:05:36 - Why is Product Backlog important?
00:07:20 - What are the qualities of an effective Backlog?
00:10:32 - Backlog Refinement
00:11:46 - Example of Product backlog
00:17:12 - How to build a Product Backlog
00:20:57 - Organize and Iterate
00:21:57 - Keeping Product Backlog Healthy

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