What is a Governance Token Explained in Crypto | Why are Governance Tokens Valuable

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The world of crypto has shown incredible growth over the past few years in terms of valuation, technological innovation, and adoption. This increasing adoption also comes with demands for more innovative ideas to flow into the space that benefits the investors and project owners alike. Governance tokens are one of these innovative ideas which are slowly getting traction. In this video, I'll help you understand what are governance tokens and why do they matter in the crypto space. So, let's get started!

Video Walkthrough,
0:00 Introduction
0:15 The Need of Governance Tokens
1:25 What is a Governance Token Explained
1:44 Application of Governance Tokens
2:11 Concept of on-chain Governance
2:37 Security & Good Health of the Network
3:01 Why does Governance Tokens Matter
3:58 Governance Token Examples
4:12 Conclusion

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