What is a Directional Control Valve? | Directional Control Valve Types | Valve Actuating Methods

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In this video, we're going to answer the following questions:

- Is there a difference between a Spool Valve and a Directional Control Valve?
- What is a Directional Control Valve?

We will also talk about:
- Directional Control Valve Types such as Sliding Valves and Poppet Valves
- Hydraulic valve types
- Pneumatic valve types
- Directional Control Valve actuation methods and symbols

As the first step, we can classify the valves from their ‘Function’ aspect or in other words, the task they perform. Our functional classification includes:

- Non-return valves like check valves
- Flow control valves
- Pressure valves like pressure regulating valves
- Directional control valves like spool valves

In both Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems, valves are fallen into the same categories. But despite the same functional categories, it does not mean that a Hydraulic directional control valve and a Pneumatic directional control valve of the same types are interchangeable.

That is due to the different characteristics of different control media in Pneumatic and Hydraulic systems. Different characteristics of compressed air and hydraulic fluid will affect the size, operating pressure of the valve, and lots of other elements.

Next, we will focus on Directional Control Valves and classify them from the design aspect.

Directional Control Valves, as you probably saw in a previous video will direct the control fluid, whether it is compressed air or it is hydraulic oil, into different passages to control an actuator like a double-acting cylinder.

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