What is a Control Chart? | Control Chart in Quality Control | Invensis Learning

A Control Chart is basically a graph used to show how a process changes over the period of time. It is used to monitor quality of a business process regularly. This video on “Control Charts” from Invensis will talk about control charts in detail and following topics are covered in the video.

00:00:00 - Introduction to control charts
00:01:32 - What are control charts?
00:02:14 - What are control limits?
00:03:36 - Benefits of control charts?
00:04:24 - Process variation
00:08:17 - How control charts are beneficial for your organization?
00:10:19 - Types of control charts
00:14:15 - How to create a control chart?
00:16:39 - A detailed example to create a control chart

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