What High Performers Do Differently

Every organization wants to attract and retain high performers. And it seems like every individual wants to be one of those high performers that gets attracted and retained. But there’s a misconception about high performers that stands in the way of improving our individual performance and hinders organizations from unlocking high performance in their people. That misconception is the belief that high performers are just naturally better. We think they have more talent and better skills. We think they went to better schools and have a better network. But all of those attributes are not the cause of high performance, they are the result of it.

High performers don’t have different outcomes because they have those skills and achievements.

High performers attained those skills and realized those achievements because they operate differently than most people.

In this video, we’ll outline four things high performers do differently and offer a few examples along the way.

0:00 Introduction
1:00 Focus On Getting Better
2:34 Play To Their Strengths
4:09 Track Their Progress
5:52 Know What They’re Working For
8:00 Conclusion

With misconceptions about high-performance clarified, individuals and organizations ought to be more optimistic about unlocking potential. These aspects of high performance are not attributes some have and others don’t. They’re habits and behaviors anyone can adopt. You can focus on getting better instead of just using projects as a means to prove your existing competence. You can track your progress regularly, and you can keep yourself motivated by focusing on the who. And when you do that, when you do things a little bit differently than everybody else, eventually you’ll find that you’re doing your best work ever.

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