What Does A Cloud Architect Do | Cloud Architect Job (Cloud Architect Roles and Responsibilities)

In this video What Does A Cloud Architect Do | Cloud Architect Job (Cloud Architect Roles and Responsibilities) we take time to go over what is a cloud architect. We’ve found that there is quite a bit of confusion about cloud computing job roles and in particular cloud architect required skills. We are often asked cloud architect what do they do.

When we get asked what is a cloud architect, we often find that there is confusion between the cloud architect vs cloud engineer roles. People will ask about cloud architect coding skills, and if coding is part of the required cloud architect skills. Among many other areas of confusion, we hope to dispel this myth. The cloud architect job is one of the non coding jobs. Cloud architect training should not focus around coding, if you are looking for cloud jobs without coding then the cloud architect career is for you.

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3:17 Design
5:41 Document
6:21 Sell
7:36 Lead
8:32 Translate
9:32 Customer Relationship Management
10:24 Project Management
11:10 Entertain

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