What Can You Learn From An Accident Scene Management Class?

Our ASM classes are focused on the things you need to know as a rider to potentially save your own or a fellow riders life.

It’s important to have the proper skillset to potentially save a life in emergency situations like a fall or accident. Some of the skills we teach in these classes include: helmet removal, jaw-thrust procedures, tourniquets, and more.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, give us a call today: https://bit.ly/3jqaR6K

#justiceislovely #thelovelylawfirm #sclawyer - You also have ASM classes coming up that you do throughout the year as well. Tell folks a little bit about what those are.

- Okay. So the Accident Scene Management classes are classes that we teach. They're sponsored by the Road Guardians organization and we have the exclusive rights to teach those classes in South Carolina. And essentially it's an all day thing. We can do it individually, which we have those classes, but we can also sponsor your MC, your club, and have a private class just for you. We have breakfast for you. We have lunch for ya. And these classes, we're teaching some things that you need to know as a rider because EMTs may not be able to get to you in time in case somebody falls or somebody you're riding with falls. So they're teaching helmet removal, jaw thrust procedures, tourniquets, things that you just wouldn't think to know and things that you need to know to potentially save your life or save a fellow rider.

- Love it. So you, of course, can go on justiceislovely.com to find out more about that. Of course, he's all over Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. Everywhere that you can find anything, he's there. Well, thanks Justin.
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