What are the types of tools you need as a product manager

As product managers we need different types of tools to do our job, there is not really a one tool fits all, though several try to achieve that. These tools will need to cover your workflow, and help you achieve your goals, these means they will help you prioritize, plan, workshop, communicate among other things.

00:00 Types of tool for product managers
00:10 Product & roadmap management
01:02 Project/task management
01:24 Analyzing data
01:56 Designing
02:30 Whiteboarding
03:21 User testing & surveying
04:14 Communication & collaboration
05:37 Presentations
06:14 How to choose these tools

My name is Juan Rodriguez, I’m a product director at a tech company in Finland, my experience is in building both desktop and cloud solutions focused on B2B, I care a lot about product design identifying the right customer problems and finding the solutions that bring the biggest impact to the company.

My education is on electronics and automation and my early jobs were focused on machine vision and to some degree robotics, you can imagine I don’t like manual processes very much and love to automate as much as possible :) I moved to Finland in 2006 and started working as a software engineer, after a while I moved into product teams, with roles like application manager and product manager. Currently I am the product director driving product managers and helping them grow in their careers

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