What are the Leadership Styles? 4 Traditional Leadership Styles and 2 Modern Leadership Styles

Introduction to the traditional 4 leadership styles, and 2 modern leadership styles.
0:00 Introduction to Leadership Styles
1:23 Authoritarian Leadership Style
2:56 Participative Leadership Style
4:05 Delegative Leadership Style
5:22 Transactional Leadership Style
8:29 Introduction to Modern Leadership Styles
9:43 Transformational Leadership Style
11:10 Situational Leadership Style

Learn about different leadership styles with Spalding Jugganaikloo, Founder and President of The American Campus. This training is inspired by Core 2 of the Youth Empowerment Academy, which is "Becoming an Effective Leader."

The Youth Empowerment Academy is a training Program at The American Campus that bridges the gap between the academic and professional worlds to turn students into confident, career-ready leaders. Visit our website for more information about the Youth Empowerment Academy: http://tac.education/youth-empowerment-academy/

The American Campus is a University and Training Center in Mauritius. We offer diplomas, degrees, certificates, and workshops in technology, hospitality, and management. Our mission is to create critical-thinking, lifelong learners to grow the human capital, especially in Mauritius, Africa, and Asia. Visit our website for more information about The American Campus in Mauritius: https://tac.education/
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