What are Project Milestones? | Project Management | Invensis Learning

This Invensis video on "What are Project Milestones?" will help you understand project milestones and how it is implemented for every project. In addition, strategies, advantages, disadvantages of project milestones are also discussed in the session. Following are the topics covered in the video "What are Project Milestones?"

00:00:00 - Introduction
00:02:06 - What are Project Milestones?
00:05:11 - Project Milestones in Project Management
00:06:31 - Project Milestones Misconceptions
00:10:19 - Why are Project Milestones Tracked?
00:14:14 - Strategies for Choosing Project Milestones
00:17:09 - Project Milestones Process
00:23:54 - Advantages & Disadvantages of Project Milestones
00:26:07 - Project Milestones Examples and Case Study

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