What are Goals and Plans In Management | Types of Goals and Plans

What are Goals and Plans In Management | Types of Goals and Plans

This video lecture is about what are goals and plans in Urdu/Hindi. I am teaching you about goals and plans with examples and I am also providing you complete material in this lecture so don't skip it..as it is important for you.
what are goals?. Desired outcomes or targets.
what are plans?. Documents that outline how goals are going to be met.
So complete guideline and easy to understand tutorial

Why Do Managers Plan?

Principles of Management
Introduction Management in Urdu/Hindi
Management Stephen P Robbins Mary Coulter

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We have been learning all this stuff about planning but have you wondered why do managers plan? Why is it required of managers to plan? How does planning help a manager in completing his everyday tasks? That is exactly what we are going to study today. Why do Managers Plan | Urdu Hindi | TM | Technology Management Lecture. Planning, Formal Planning and Why do Managers Plan

Chapter 8 - Planning Work Activities
Management - Thirteenth Edition
Stephen P. Robbins | Mary Coulter

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